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Our company is situated at the worldwide famous eyewear producing base—Danyang city, our factory accumulated many years experience in designing and producing spectacle cases.Our factory is located in the provincial development
zone only 1km away from danyang railway station and Huning(shanghai to Nanjing) express way, 25kms away from Changzhou airport and 95kms away from the Nanjing international airport with a very ascendant geography location and very convenient and fast transportation.


The corporation circumstances is very beautiful, covered with the area of 7000 square meter,The construction area are 10000 square meter.possess with the specialty production equipment, The best enterprises managements.production the steel wrappage Glasses box、Aluminium wrappage Glasses box、Spray-paint Glasses box、Galvanoplastics Glasses box、Plastic Glasses box etc and different kinds of sunglass、Flexible pouches and Glasses cloth.perfect quality、reasonable prices、So also the best sellers at Europe、United Stated、Japan etc area.We are zealousness welcome all over the home and abroad new、old customers to visit us and guidance.